Additional User Information on the Popular Painkiller: Citra Tramadol Tablets

Tramadol is an Opioid analgesic that works to relieve mild to moderately severe pain. It is available in various forms and dosages, perfectly suited for the patients’ required needs. Citra 100mg Tramadol can be found in two forms, namely immediate and extended-release. The immediate release was created to provide rapid pain relief, as the active substance, Tramadol hydrochloride will be released into the body, commonly used by patients who suffer from acute pain.

The extended-release works oppositely to this, providing a longer duration of pain relief. Both these forms have the same composition and tolerability profile. Citra 100mg Tramadol tablets can be used with other painkillers, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin, as they give patients more pain relief if they suffer from large amounts of pain.

How does Citra 100 mg work to ease your pain?

Citra 100mg Tramadol medicine belongs to a class of drugs called Opioid analgesics. A class of drugs is often used to treat similar medical conditions and work in the same way.

The Tramadol painkiller works by changing the way how your brain perceives the pain. The component of this medicine is the same as a substance in your brain known as endorphins. The endorphin binds to your brain receptors and decreases or blocks the pain signals sent by your body to the brain.

Tramadol dosage misconception

Many patients believe the higher the dose, the more effective the highly inaccurate pain relief. Medical experts have confirmed that taking a higher dosage than recommended can cause harm linked to unnecessary, avoidable side effects. The appropriate Tramadol dosage differs from patient to patient, as it is most often based on the condition being treated and an underlying medical history.

Patients usually start on the lowest most effective dose, a single dose of 50-100mg that can be taken when needed. However, the dose should not exceed 400 mg per day. It should be noted that the extended-release version of the tablet should be taken once a day only.

Basic Tramadol usage instructions

Citra 100mg Tramadol is known for its analgesic properties, which is why patients should not take this medication in high doses unless otherwise specified. Due to this treatment’s potency, experts recommend that the following guidelines be followed to ensure successful results.

  • Do not crush or break this medicine in any way as this may create unwanted effects and not help to relieve your pain.
  • Take this painkiller with a glass of water as fizzy drinks may limit the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • Patients can take the medicine with or without food, however, if they experience nausea, they should take it after having their meal.
  • This medication works best when it is taken at the same time every day, at a 4 to 6-hour gap approximately.

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